Expanding the Apeture on Women in Media

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Sonya Dunn

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Distaff, a digital curation of archival footprints and anthropological preservation of women in media. Distaff will bolster the accomplishments of women in media while encouraging and promoting future generations of diverse female media content leaders. This transmedia project will help diminish the gender gap inequality in the media and entertainment industry by highlighting the careers of past and present trailblazers in various traditional and nontraditional professional workplaces in diverse fields.

Specifically, the goals of this project are: 1) to develop an interactive, user-focused website that will serve as a living anthropological study of women’s experiences in media; 2) to foster cross-platform integration and capabilities for women in new media studies fields; and 3) utilize innovative tools to enrich the user experience and add effective calls to action for women in film and media.

We will accomplish this through three phases:

  • Phase One: Branding our cause through awareness and promotion initiatives via social media platforms
  • Phase Two: Develop and create media content focus on our mission
  • Phase Three: Design and implement a digital channel for educational and entertainment value for all about women in media



Phase One

IHW (In Her Words) Foundation mission centers aroundthree objectives: the advancement of women in the media,  the preservation of their accomplishments and achievements; and being a resource for organizations, institutions, and individuals.

Some of the types of support will include research, advocacy, networking, industry information dissemination, interactive conferences, web community building, and much more.

Our goals are to leverage the power of information to champion the advancement of women in media; to use 21st-century innovation to assist women in reaching out to each other and to the public; and to stimulate strategic partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to advance our cause. Learn more about the IHW Foundation



Phase Two

Pryme Focus is the second phase in creating a interactive digital network hub to provide the technology and platform to artists progressing the role of women in divergent media fields. The site will be an industry-driven network of shared women’s experiences in a variety of media related roles through blogs, podcast and videos.  It's first media content platform is a radio show (PRYME FOCUS) shared on radio station, podcast on multiple media platforms.



distaff |dis-taf, -tahf|

NOUN Archaic.

  1. a woman or women collectively.
  2. women's work.

ORIGIN A distaff is the stick onto which wool or flax is wound in spinning. Since spinning was traditionally done by females, distaff took on figurative meanings relating to women or women’s work. In the sense of “female,” the noun distaff is archaic, but the adjective is in current use: distaff chores, a distaff point of view; the distaff side of the family. Women who find the term offensive are probably aware of its origin in female stereotypes.